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"Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle."

- Benjamin Franklin - 

Kavonda Candles was created with the mindset to "keep moving forward", and it was there, that a passion was ​found. As a single mom, Kavonda was working on a business, but she could not fund it. Candles were accessible during the height of the pandemic, and in turn, lit a fire in her that produced Kavonda Candles!

Our passion here at Kavonda Candles has lead to our focus on giving you the best possible candle we can. We care about every single one of your experiences with one of our candles, and therefore work to ensure every candle is made to best serve you. Handcrafted, and  made out of a care for our customers, our candles are here to bring a sense of peace to the homes we have all been stuck in!

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